Free Plan
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Grassroots Project

  • No Subscription Fee
  • 500 Hour Submissions / Month
  • Forum Support
  • Single Project
  • Upgrade When you Want

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Basic Plan
$10 / Month

Community Project

  • Monthly Subscription Fee
  • Unlimited Hour Submissions
  • Embed OurVolts into your Site
  • Make Private
  • Custom Hour Fields
  • Custom Required Profiles

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Group Plan
$499 / Year


  • Annual Subscription Fee
  • Unlimited Hour Submissions
  • Phone Support & Online Training
  • Up to 20 Projects

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How to Pick the Right Plan

Choose the Free Plan if...

  • You just want to try out OurVolts
  • You are an individual or a very small group
  • You don't need to track a lot of hours

Choose the Basic Plan if...

  • You have a large group of volunteers or a long-term project or site
  • You'd like to integrate OurVolts into your own website

Choose the Group Plan if...

  • You have multiple projects that you'd like to track separately
  • You are a large non-profit or municipality
  • Volunteer time-tracking is part of your operational strategy
  • Your group would like phone support and training for OurVolts
  • You would like to support OurVolts development efforts towards new features