Implementing a Volunteer Management System that Works

52 Maria Busko is the Volunteer Services Manager at Catholic Charities of Baltimore, a nonprofit that supports services for kids and families with emotional and behavioral challenges and mental health needs. Catholic Charities of Baltimore operates statewide with dozens of sites, including residential programs, schools, educational programs, and outpatient clinics.

Readers 2 Leaders Manages Volunteers and Measures Impact with Mobile App



Charter School Gets Efficient with Tracking Service Hours

Hope Smiles Tracks the Value of Volunteers with OurVolts

48 Whitney Wilson is a Dentist at Hope Smiles, a Christian organization dedicated towards offering free dental care for individuals who don’t have insurance or any other means to afford dental care.

How to Use Volunteer Hours to Get Grants and Amplify Your Impact

Carrying and Spreading the MulchAn overwhelming amount of volunteer time goes by untracked and unnoticed. Tracking volunteer time might sound like just another item on your organization’s to-do list, but this simple task has the potential to drastically improve your bottom line.

7 Benefits of Using OurVolts for Schools

1. Keeps volunteers accountable - Schools are using OurVolts to make sure parents meet their minimum monthly requirements and keep students accountable for service hour requirements

2. Saves Time – Instead of sign-in sheets, forms, and spreadsheets, OurVolts provides a simple interface to allow parents to track their own volunteer hours so that volunteer coordinators can spend less time trying to keep track of volunteers and more time supporting and engaging them

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You Can Now Set a Start Date for Reporting

With the beginning of summer, many schools that rely on volunteer time are looking for ways to "reset" their time tracking so they can track milestones better.

We've made this possible with our June release! OurVolts now enables front-end reporting based on a start date, while also maintaining your full log of hours going back to the beginning of your tracking.

Here's how it works

Visit your site management console and find "Start Date".


Volunteer Milestones: Part 1

Last month, we rolled our our mobile app. Since then, we've been working on our next most requested feature:

Announcing: Volunteer Milestones

We're happy to let you know that we've released the first version, and would love your feedback.

Once you activate milestones, you'll see a graph like the one below showing how many of your volunteers have met certain milestones.


Google Apps - Free Tools for Volunteer Management

This is the first in what will be a series of posts discussing the use of free and open source technology for charter schools, nonprofits, and grassroots organizations.

Google Apps: Free for Nonprofits

Google Apps is a suite of tools that includes email, calendars, shared, online document authoring, and more - all for free to nonprofits. Your school or organization may already use Google Apps to communicate with employees and students - and you can use it to organize and communicate with volunteers.

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