Easy Time Tracking for Volunteers

Volunteers Track Their Own Hours & You Keep Them Accountable

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Less Time Managing More Time Enjoying

Empower volunteers to track their own hours online and receive recognition. Decrease paperwork and increase engagement.

Website Integration

Embed time tracking & volunteer registration all on your own website.

Event Sign-Ups

Schedule Events & Allow Volunteers to Sign-Up and Track Hours for them.

Valuable Reports

See progress with our instant graphs, or customize and export detailed reports.

Simply Mobile

Volunteers can log hours on the go with our mobile app on Android or iPhone.
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  • Charter School
    How do charter schools use OurVolts to keep families accountable for their service hours? Read how Greer Middle College tracks and manages volunteer service hours while creating community and developing leadership.
  • Nonprofit
    How do nonprofits track the value of volunteers? Read how Hope Smiles categorizes their volunteers, calculates the value of service hours, and keeps volunteers engaged.
  • After School Program
    Readers 2 Leaders is closing the reading gap with volunteer-run after-school enrichment programs, and OurVolts provides an essential technology for tracking and measuring these efforts.